"When Sleeping Woman Wakes, Mountains Move" -African Proverb


WELLSPRING AFRICA | KIBERA GIRLS is a fundraising entity which provides financial support for education, housing and mentoring for high school age girls in Nairobi's Kibera slums who are either orphans or whose parents are HIV/AIDS afflicted. 


Wellspring Africa was born out of a desire to provide safe harbor and a path forward to self-sufficiency for the young girls of the Kibera Slums. 

In 2013, Sr. Anne Arabome & Sr. Deborah Lorentz, both Sisters of Social Service, met with six high school age girls living in poverty in Kibera, vulnerable to the rampant violence of their environment. Though they were enrolled at St. Aloysius High School which was and continues to be supported by the Jesuit order, the girls did not have access to safe housing or the opportunity to improve their situations through education or vocational training.

 Sr. Anne "adopted" all six as "daughters" on this initial visit and continues to provide them with practical mentoring and loving counsel as "Mama." Back in Los Angeles, Sr. Deborah, "Grandma" to the girls, took on the responsibility of fundraising for their basic needs and welfare. In 2015, Sr. Anne adopted another six girls, bringing the total number of Kibera Girls to twelve.


Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa, with an estimated population of one million.

Most of Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.00 per day. Unemployment rates are high. Persons living with HIV in the slum are many, as are AIDS cases. Cases of assault and rape are common. There are few schools, and most people cannot afford an education for their children. Clean water is scarce and therefore diseases caused by related poor hygiene are prevalent. A great majority of people living in the slum lack access to medical care.